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Fire Damage Cleanup in Charlotte, NC

House fires can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. When you're in need of prompt fire damage cleanup in Charlotte, NC, call the experts from S.T.O.P. Restoration. Backed by decades of experience, our IICRC-certified professionals will clean up and restore the damage, so you won't even know it occurred. Schedule your assessment and free estimate.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Charlotte NC

A Trusted Name in Fire Damage Cleanup

How often do you leave candles burning unattended while you're in another room for just a few minutes? When was the last time you had your dryer vent professionally cleaned? Do you ever leave food cooking on the stove and step out of the kitchen? Do you have flammable materials or dangerous products in your garage?

The four scenarios are common occurrences in homes, and they can lead to disastrous house fires that leave families traumatized for a lifetime. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), there are between 350,000 and 400,000 house fires in the United States annually, and most are avoidable.

Once an internal fire has occurred, the cleanup process is overwhelming. Ensure it is done correctly using commercial-grade equipment when you call our fire damage cleanup team. No matter the severity of the devastation, feel at ease knowing our fire damage restoration crew will help repair the damage and your life as quickly as possible.

Fire Damage Restoration Available When You Need It

You're cuddled up in your bed, cozy and warm—a little too warm. The smell of smoke fills your nostrils. Your home is ablaze due to faulty wiring. A fire can spring up at any time. Fortunately, our fire damage restoration company is available 24 hours a day to handle the cleanup and repair after the flames are extinguished. Beginning the cleanup process during the first 24 to 48 hours after the fire occurs is imperative. That's why we offer immediate responses to phone calls. When a fire is extinguished, it produces acidic soot and smoke, which accelerates the time in which the structure deteriorates and the components corrode. After the toxic smoke odor has been neutralized and deodorized, the remaining fire damage restoration work can begin:

  • Mitigating Damage
  • Removing Debris
  • Cleaning up Smoke Damage
  • Evaluating Interior Contents & Damage
  • Rebuilding Damaged Structural Components
  • Creating a Safe, Secure Place

Let Our Fire Damage Company Work for You

Cleaning up the aftermath of a traumatizing fire is a daunting task to do alone. In fact, it is near impossible to do properly. Equipped with commercial-grade tools and equipment, our fire damage company will do it for you, saving you from the potential risks and the headache. Water damage restoration work is also available, for your convenience.

Contact us to restore your home after a fire with our fire damage cleanup services. We are proud to serve clients throughout Charlotte, Pineville, and Weddington, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

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