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Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Natural disasters like floods happen, often leaving your entire house an upside-down, watery mess. Reach out to S.T.O.P. Restoration, the area's preferred provider of water damage restoration in Charlotte, NC, and we will clean up the catastrophe and restore your home. Take advantage of our free, no obligation estimates.

Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte NC

Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration

Did you know that water damage is one of the most common forms of property damage? Flooding from leaky or broken pipes is a common occurrence, and it is often the culprit that leads to damage; however, it's not the only cause. Heavy rainfall, sewage backup, frozen and/or broken pipes, and plumbing overflows can also cause devastating water damage to your property.

Many individuals falsely believe that they will never be impacted by water damage because their location isn't in a flood zone. Water damage can happen to anyone. If you find yourself battling water damage, don't worry. Our water damage restoration company is your solution.

Included with Our Water Damage Restoration Services

We use tried and true methods of water damage restoration to return homes and businesses to their pre-damaged condition. The process begins with a thorough inspection. We take the steps needed to remove water as quickly as possible. Extracting standing water as quickly as possible using the most advanced water extraction methods will help to minimize damage, salvage belongings, and prevent further issues from occurring. Once removed, our technicians begin drying out the interior of the structure using dehumidifiers and industrial-grade fans.

After the space is clean and dry, the water damage restoration work begins. Backed by many years of experience, our team has the equipment and knowledge needed to repair nearly all damage, including flooring, structural issues, drywall, and more. If needed, mold removal and mold remediation services are also available.

Entrust Our Water Damage Restoration Company

There's usually no or very little warning before a water-related disaster occurs. It's amazing how quickly water can damage a structure. When disaster strikes, find peace of mind knowing that our water damage restoration company is ready to act at a moment's notice. We understand that these situations are overwhelming. Allow us to make matters easier and less stressful by addressing water-related problems immediately after they happen. Pick up the phone and call us as soon as the damage occurs. We will respond within the hour and provide the service you need.

Contact us to restore your home after a water-related disaster strikes. We proudly serve the communities of Charlotte, Pineville, and Weddington, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

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